Honeycomb Hammock Tutioral

The honeycomb hammock is my personal favorite. The rats love it, it is easy to make and it helps fill up some of those boreing spaces in your cage with something the ratties can enjoy.

You will need

  1. Cotton fabric
  2. Fleece
  3. Something to hang the hammock (ribbion, gromets, fabric loops)
  4. A sewing machine

Step 1


Cut your fabric into squares that increasinly go up in size. My dementions for this hammock are 10” x 10″, 14″ x 14″ and 17″x 17″. In the past I have made them much smaller.


Next cut off the corners in the 2 bigger squares.

Step 2

Sew your squares together. Make sure that when you sew them that the wrong side of the fabric is facing up and that you leave enough room to pull in inside out. Then once it is inside out I like to sew all around it once more because I find it to be more strudy and make the hammock nice and flat. (I prefer a zig zag stich when working with rat hammocks)

20150530_170505843_iOS 20150530_170704904_iOS 20150530_171113050_iOS

Do this to all of your squares

Step 3

Sew your flats together. This is the tricker part. What you want to do is place the middle sized square on top of the large sqare and pin one of the cut off corners to the middle of a side of the middle sized square.

20150601_173709748_iOS 20150601_173721788_iOS

Then do the same on all of the other sides, sewing each of the large squares cut of corners to each of the middles of the sides of the medium sized square.

20150601_174007918_iOS 20150601_174252733_iOS 20150601_174448107_iOS

Now just do the samething but instead use the cut off corners of the middle sqare and sew them onto the smallest square.

20150601_175214998_iOS 20150601_174705796_iOS

Step 4

Add a way to attach the hammock to your cage. Ive used the in past scraps of fabric folded over themselves. I have also used ribbon and my mom has made hammocks with gromments. What ever you do makesure that they are strudy.



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